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19 - 20 March 2025

NEC Birmingham

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30 Oct 2023

Alzheimer's Society Accelerator Partners 2023/24

Alzheimer's Society

Our Accelerator Programme is designed to support people in developing and accelerating their product and service innovations to deliver help and hope to people living with dementia over a 12 month partnership.

We believe that everyone with dementia should be supported to live well, from a diagnosis through to the advanced stages.

Else London- Instinctively, Pobroll®, Recreo VR, Cognitive books and Phylax are five new innovations Alzheimer’s society are supporting to tackle common challenges at every stage of the dementia journey in 2023/24. Read more about each innovation below:

1-Guiding people living with dementia through daily tasks

Else London’s-Instinctively innovation aims to tackle the loss of autonomy experienced by people living with dementia due to cognitive decline. A less recognised, but equally important issue, concerns the physical and mental burden placed on carers.

2-Improving the user and carer experience of bed bath

The pobroll® is a totally waterproofed luxury bed-bathing wrap designed to improve the user and carer experience of the bed bath. For many people living with dementia, and immobile people who require personal care, the bed bath commonly causes a range of problems including the need change wet sheets, poor level of cleanliness, and carer stress. Having a proper wash and feeling clean is a basic human right, which is why they have created the pobroll®.

3-Using virtual reality to improve well-being

Recreo VR want to help improve the mental and social wellbeing of people living with dementia through person centred virtual reality (VR) content, giving individuals a chance to revisit the special places of their past. Recreo VR have been providing VR reminiscence sessions in care homes over the last year and during this time have seen how person-centred experiences have the power to bring smiles to the faces of people living with dementia.

4-Bring joy of reading to people living with dementia

Cognitive Books bring the joy of reading to people with dementia – they can be enjoyed alone by a number of those with a mild-to-moderate condition – or by many with their loved ones too. They are simple, enjoyable books with dynamic content that empower people to maintain their love of reading – and the content focuses on familiar topics that readers are passionate about. Losing the thread doesn’t matter because pages that work individually and collectively as a story – and there’s much more to enjoy and interact with than just the story itself.

5-Continue to shop online safely

Phylax-there are a growing number of individuals being diagnosed with dementia who are regular internet users. Internet access has incredible benefits, such as supporting vital social interactions, and reminding of daily tasks. However, internet for those living with dementia also comes with challenges, such as the tendency towards making repeat or misguided purchases. Currently, the only solution is to physically disconnect devices, or to revoke financial independence.

Find out more about our Accelerator programme and partners here.

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