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19 - 20 March 2025

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30 Oct 2023

Care Homes Going Green with Autumna


In 2022, Autumna conducted a survey of care seekers to understand their priorities when choosing a care service. To our surprise, environmental sustainability ranked in the top 3.


Care seekers are increasingly concerned about environmental sustainability, and Autumna is committed to helping care providers meet their needs. That's why we launched the Go Green initiative, a program that provides care homes with the tools and resources they need to reduce their environmental impact.


We knew we had to take action. We formed a group of providers, sustainability experts, and suppliers to develop a plan to help care homes reduce their environmental impact and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability to prospective residents and service users.


The result is the Go Green badge, which allows care homes to evidence their sustainability practices in five key areas:

  • Building Management: Insulation, LED bulbs, double glazing, motion sensors, water saving methods and cleaning management. 

  • Procurement and Waste Management: Landfill/recycling journey and the sourcing of goods. 

  • Energy & Renewable Energy, looking at renewable energy tariffs, solar power, air source heat pumps and biomass boilers. 

  • Digital Compliance: Digital care planning, payslips and rotas. 

  • Home Projects: Re-wilding, home grown vegetables and composting and community projects. 


We launched the Go Green initiative three months ago, and we've already exceeded our initial goal of engaging 100 care homes. We're thrilled to see so many care providers taking steps to reduce their environmental impact.

In addition to displaying their sustainability practices to care seekers, care homes have also provided us with valuable feedback through a survey. This feedback has helped us to understand the key challenges that care homes face in their journey to sustainability.


The most common challenge is a lack of information and resources to help providers understand their emissions and identify the priorities that will make the most positive impact. This is now the next focus for the Go Green project team.


Why Go Green?


There are many reasons why care homes should go green. Reducing your environmental impact is good for the planet, and it can also save you money on energy and waste costs.


Going green can also help you to attract and retain residents and staff. More and more people are looking for sustainable care options, and your Go Green badge will show them that you are committed to protecting the environment.


Join the Go Green Movement


If you are a care home looking to join us on the journey we’ll help you, to make it easier... Simply provide us with some details via this form so we can update your profiles for you!


If you would like to know more visit our Go Green initiative webpage or contact Natalie Morris, our Go Green lead: email or call on 01892 335 330.

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