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06 Jun 2022

‘Going Digital’ in your Care Setting

PredicAire Stand: E66

At the Care England ‘Facing the Future’ Conference in March 2022 a key theme was ‘Technology’.  Introducing and increasing the use of technology in care homes is high on the Government’s agenda and in December 2021, it announced £150m of funding to drive digitalisation as part of the White Paper. Matthew Gould, CEO of NHSX, said at the Care England Conference that we need to translate this funding and strategy into concrete steps of deployment, commenting that 57% of providers cited budget as the main barrier to digitisation, whilst almost half said that they lacked digital skills - but we must remember technology is a means to an end, and the end is providing better care.

Care Re-imagined

  • Do you want to spend more time with your residents and less on admin?

  • Are you fed up with having to sign on to multiple digital systems?

  • Do you want a system that is intuitive, engaging and simple to onboard?

  • Do you want your operations to be within a single cloud-based ecosystem which gives you everything you need to run your home?

  • Are you tired of the fragmented pricing models in the sector?


PredicAire is your solution! Contact us at


Top 10 reasons why digitisation should be part of your strategy for 2022:

  • Spend less time on admin

  • Spend more time on resident interaction

  • Better Data |Better Outcomes - a fully digital system augmented by Artificial Intelligence (Ai) enables staff to spot, record and act upon changes to residents’ health quickly.

  • Safer, holistic record-keeping - being inspection-ready and ensuring the service is ‘Safe’.

  • Better communication with families and friends

  • Better communication and connectivity with the NHS

  • Accurate Staff Records

  • Regular maintenance checks | Lower call-out costs

  • Effective Medicine Management (eMAR)   

  • Gain competitive advantage by being an adopter of an Ai system - operate more efficiently, keep costs down, and have happier residents who are spending more time with staff. 

If you are confident that digitisation is right for your care business, how do you make it a reality?  The first step is to undertake a full audit of the legacy system. How much of it is paper-based, and how much of it is already digitalised? The audit should include anything which affects the residents’ care, staff management, and general running of the home. Are these records paper-based or digital? Are they up to date? Is anything missing? How often are they reviewed? This will inform you how much will need to be digitalised and what (if already digital) can be transferred to a new holistic system. 

The next step is to identify the right care system for your home.  The ideal product is one which is holistic so that each module works seamlessly together without the need to replicate data input and the user interface and engagement is intuitive and market leading. One such system is PredicAire, which will use Ai technology to predict and prevent unnecessary outcomes for residents.

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