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19 - 20 March 2025

NEC Birmingham

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01 Dec 2023

The Ground-breaking Flexi Recs AI Job Board

Flexi Recruits

Flexi Recs is thrilled to showcase the ground-breaking Flexi Recs AI Job Board, ushering in the next era of recruitment. Envision a future where recruiting skilled candidates knows no bounds. The profiling and data management system at Flexi Recs ensures an impeccable alignment between candidate attributes and business requirements. The integrated social media marketing campaign takes your open positions to all aspects of the digital space, creating widespread awareness. The AI-powered applicant tracking system guarantees an efficient hiring and onboarding process. But that's not all. Flexi Recs introduces a Refer-to-Hire Rewards Scheme, potentially transforming any job seeker into an authorised recruiter, earning rewards based on successful referrals. Step into a new age of recruitment scheduling with Flexi Recs, where video resumes and interviews streamline the entire recruitment process while maintaining the highest quality standards. Dive into a vast pool of qualified applicants who have undergone multiple stages of screening for both permanent and temporary roles in the UK. Through coordinated efforts, we seamlessly integrate our international talent pool. In comparison to other labour management systems, Flexi Recs integrates AI across various segments to produce outcomes that are faster and more effective. The Flexi Recs app connects candidates with instant job updates, their portfolio, and digital timesheets, ensuring swift communication. Flexi Recs AI Job Board is the avant-garde response to the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare staffing, revolutionising how you discover and engage with potential employees.


Flexi HR Solutions serves as your trusty HR partner. In the art of handling HR intricacy under time restrictions, Flexi HR Solutions appears as the avant-garde alternative. Our expert HR staff has been fully trained by the UK's leading HR organisation and is prepared to increase output. Get into the Flexi HR Profiles to select only the best from a diversified pool of experienced human resources administrators, available for flexible periods between six months and three years. Flexi HR is a cloud-based human resources management system offering easy access to an exhaustive database including all relevant employment contracts and standards. When following the rules becomes automatic, compliance is easily achieved. For businesses wanting to succeed in the competitive UK market, Flexi HR Solutions goes above and beyond what's expected of an inexpensive HR software solution by being a trustworthy collaborator that provides stability and essential tools. Develop an atmosphere of passion and dedication by rewarding employees for their hard work and providing them with opportunities for advancement. Establish access to the UK business community with the help of Flexi HR Solutions.

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