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24 Jun 2021

Safe As Houses Care, Transforming Care

To meet the rising demands of the care sector, innovative thinking is required across the length and breadth of the UK. Close, collaborative work between partners to create and fund high quality accommodation is required to enhance peoples lives.  

Safe As Houses Care (SAHC) developed the site of a former care home and unlocked its potential by creating a fit-for-purpose solution that fulfils a specific societal need. SAHC and contract partners (JWF Building Solutions) worked closely with Bespoke Care and Support on this development to carefully design a space which can provide specialist care for individuals stepping down from secure environments. It also works for individuals who are ‘stepping up’, taking away the need for them to be placed in a secure environment.

‘The Ings and Woodways’ has now begun to welcome its first service users. It offers future proofed, self contained, one bedroom apartments, larger than space standards would expect.

Apartments specifications are highly bespoke and include, Anti-barricade doors, Two exits, Fob controlled and remotely lockable kitchen units, Robust high impact curved walls and strengthened ceilings, Weighted furniture and Inverter air conditioning providing hot, cold and purified air.

A large proportion of each building is made into separate rooms for training, sensory wellbeing as well as physical and mental therapy.

This particular development also has a large area  in which people can, with staff support and assistance, develop the skills they will need to eventually move into their own tenancy. The property is divided into two distinct and separate Homes, serving both males only and females only.


Developments like this can ensure hospital style safety with residential freedom, designed with the wellbeing and safety of service users at the forefront.
Thelma Turner, director of Bespoke Care and Support, spoke about the shortages of accommodation like this to meet current strategies:

“NHS England has a wonderful strategy to move people from hospital and restricted settings but there is not enough suitable community-based accommodation available. What we need are more settings like The Ings and Woodways for the NHS strategy to be realised.”

Stuart Nicoll is The Head of Care Development at Safe As Houses Care. He spoke about what organisations like his can do to try and meet these targets:

“We appreciate that since the Winterbourne review targets have not been met with regards to Transforming Care, which has resulted in an extension of time to meet them.  In light of this latest extension Safe As Houses Care are committed to working collaboratively with all stakeholders, including the Transforming Care Partnerships, to enable these targets to be met, and to provide positive outcomes for the individuals involved.”

If you would like more information on The Ings and Woodways or Safe as Houses Care, please contact

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