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20 - 21 March 2024

NEC Birmingham

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Gabriella Wills

Gabriella Wills

Social Care Quality & Management Consultant., The Care Home Option

A senior manager and leader in social care for almost 25 years, Gabriella brings experience and expertise ranging from care homes frontline operations to strategic and boardroom decision making.
A registered nurse and post-graduate in Social Sciences Research, Gabriella’s particular interests and contributions are in improving the experiences, equalities, and quality of life of people living in care homes and particularly those living with dementia and/ or nearing end of life. Gabriella is a keen advocate and practitioner of digital technology used to enhance the experiences of those living, working, or visiting, care homes.
Having witnessed inequalities for those living and working in care homes, and the largely negative portrayal of care homes in the media, Gabriella is committed to promoting a positive image of care homes and those living and working in this essential element of the primary and acute health care system.
In October 2022, Gabriella, together with Drew Rice, published The Care Home Option podcast series, which provides listeners with information and insights into the social care options and care homes for older people in particular. Gabriella and Drew say: “We wanted people to have a more rounded image of care homes as well as to have the information that will help those who chose or need to consider life in a care home, to make it the best experience it can be for them and their loved ones.”
The podcasts are available on all podcast platforms.