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19 - 20 March 2025

NEC Birmingham

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Jayne Connery

Jayne Connery

Director /Founder, Care Campaign for the Vulnerable (CCFTV)

CCFTV is a national, non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting safety in care across the UK. It was set up over ten years ago and it’s primary focus is advocating for the implementation of independent safety monitoring in care homes, with an emphasis on ensuring safer and specialised care for people living with dementia. Jayne is invited to engage with providers, staff, and families, delivering insightful talks on the benefits that safety monitoring brings to the care sector. Her expertise is addressing the needs of the vulnerable and she extends support to families and carers navigating the challenges of the sector. Through collaboration CCFTV has emerged as a leading influencer, driving initiatives for increased transparency in care. Jayne, recognised as a prominent commentator on social care issues related to dementia, has played a pivotal role in raising awareness on matters such as evictions in care settings and the need for greater transparency in dementia care. Drawing from firsthand experiences, Jayne spent over five years meticulously gathering and submitting evidential documentation advocating for the implementation of safety monitoring in dementia care homes. Her dedication stems from witnessing the challenges faced by families and overworked and unsupported carers. The evidence underscores the potential for safety monitoring to yield cost savings for both the NHS and care homes, reduce safeguarding incidents, diminish agency spending, aid in staff disciplinaries, ensure daily quality monitoring, and enhance inspection report outcomes. CCFTV has garnered support from Members of Parliament, earning accolades for its persuasive advocacy in Westminster. We take pride in our active participation in national media, commentary in news, TV, and radio outlets, as well as speaking engagements at prominent care shows, events, and educational institutions. Our involvement extends to supporting families , collaborating with agencies, and participating in legal proceedings such as Court of Protection, Coroner courts, best interest and review meetings, and DST meetings. CCFTV leads the dialogue in the sector, advocating for a safer, more open, and transparent environment. Beyond advocacy, CCFTV advises NHS and care providers. Our commitment to transparency is further demonstrated through our collaboration with leading care providers in piloting independently safety monitoring . Jayne's dedication extends to fundraising for dementia research, exemplified by her participation in challenging fundraising activities.