6 - 7 July 2022

NEC Birmingham

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Maaha Suleiman

Maaha Suleiman

CEO, Care Matched

Maaha Suleiman is a London-based social entrepreneur on a mission to revolutionise the care sector. Maaha is the founder of Care Matched Ltd, the first ever health-tech company to culturally match care receivers and care workers based on cultural background, language proficiency, skills and experiences, using artificial intelligence. Her greatest passion is helping people from the BAME community age with dignity and live out the rest of their lives more comfortably.

Maaha is a Global Health & Social Medicine graduate from King’s College London, she also joined the Women in Social Tech accelerator programme. Maaha’s tech excellence and entrepreneurial spirit allowed her to obtain a scholarship with CIEE’s Entrepreneur Lab where she refined her knowledge on marketing, sales and finance. Additional accolades include being a finalist in the Care Innovation Challenge, 2019, and being a Peer Reviewer at The Institute of Health Research.



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