6 - 7 July 2022

NEC Birmingham

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UK Care Week 2022



User Centric Technology: How insights improve care quality and build resilience

07 Jul 2022
Home Care & Care Development

Local Authorities, Care Providers and Families share the challenge of enabling individuals to live independently in their own homes for longer.
This presentation explores how the application of innovative technology, designed with the user at the centre, can unobtrusively provide real time data on the wellbeing of the individual.
Respecting privacy & dignity is key to increasing the adoption of technology in the home. Any sensors must be discreet and not look out of place in a “normal” home environment. Service Users deserve a wider choice of technology and should feel in control of their data.
• How easily a flexible IoT platform can be deployed in the home.
• How to detect a fall without the use of a pendant alarm or pull cord.
• How to provide the right data, to the right person, at the right time
• Where exception reporting on service user behaviours, home environment and the delivery of care can be used for intervention and prevention.
• How to capture insightful feedback from the recipients of care services.
Explore the multi-level approach to building resilience with intelligent insights and data sharing. Starting with the individual, building out through their circle of care, including care providers and statutory services.
Home care innovators Secure, the developers of Beanbag Care, will share new ideas on how to deploy TEC in a meaningful way.

Paul Botsford, Head of Assisted Living Technology & Services - Secure - Beanbag Care


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