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19 - 20 March 2025

NEC Birmingham

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Keynote Theatre 2023



Always on Call: How Behavioural Data Delivers Optimal Outcomes

22 Mar 2023
Digital and Technology

Rising demand for care services, financial pressures, the deepening staffing crisis and the growing regulatory burden are driving rapid technological evolution.

A prime example is the convergence between nurse call systems and connected care platforms, with continuous data-gathering as the key enabler.

This session explores how resident behaviour data that detects falls and reveals room, bed, chair and bathroom presence is at the core of new models of care that combine immediate reactivity with smart proactivity.

Attendees will discover how Vayyar Care’s radio frequency sensors, integrated with Arquella’s 2nd generation AIDA Assist nurse call system, ensure rapid emergency response.

The data is also used to generate granular reports on residents’ physical and mental wellbeing, as well as staff activity and performance.

Topics include:

• Leveraging data for falls management and person-centred care planning
• Overcoming human error and many residents’ inability to accurately report issues
• Data-sharing between care personnel in order to save time and maintain quality and consistency in care
• Tracking correlations between staffing levels and resident outcomes, while optimising workflows, increasing staff utilisation, and boosting operational efficiency
• Meeting CQC standards, as enforced by off-site inspections and monitoring of care services