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20 - 21 March 2024

NEC Birmingham

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Keynote Theatre 2023



Emotional Health and Safety Training - Recognising and Responding to Compassion Fatigue

23 Mar 2023
Business & Facilities/Domiciliary and Person-Centred Care

All care staff are put through extensive and essential physical health and safety training to equip them to work with those they care for; however, there is one very crucial component missing: any kind of emotional health and safety training. In this session, I will discuss this missing training and the consequences to the individual and the organisation of missing it out. I will explore the risk factors, symptoms and impact of compassion fatigue, outline what can be put in place to mitigate the effects and describe how the strategies we teach to create and sustain emotional resilience have a lasting positive impact on care staff, service users and organisations.

Jayne Ellis - EF Training