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20 - 21 March 2024

NEC Birmingham

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UK Care Week 2024 Agenda



Mastering the Art of Supportive Leadership: Key Tips for Team Success

21 Mar 2024
Workforce, Skills & Wellbeing
Management & Leadership

In the dynamic realm of social care, effective people management transcends mere compliance. This talk addresses challenges faced by management in the UK social care sector, examining the impact of outdated techniques on staff morale, burnout, and task efficiency. Emphasising a culture valuing individuality, it advocates tailored management approaches for motivation and purpose.

Shift from uniform management to personalised strategies that resonate with diverse teams. Explore the influence of supportive leadership on staff engagement, productivity, and well-being. Empowering leaders with effective people management techniques, the talk envisions a work environment where tasks are efficiently completed, staff morale thrives, and turnover rates diminish. In this sector, such training is vital for managers and above, ensuring adaptive leadership crucial for navigating complex challenges, fostering a resilient workforce, and ultimately, delivering exceptional care services.

Iain Clague, CEO - The Care Connector Network