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19 - 20 March 2025

NEC Birmingham

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UK Care Week 2024 Agenda



Overcoming Transport Barriers. Enhancing Quality of Life for Care Home Residents.

21 Mar 2024
Business, Facilities & Environments
Safeguarding , Community wellbeing

Maintaining a sense of independence and community connection outside of the care setting, such as attending social events or essential medical appointments, is vitally important to the mental health and wellbeing of care residents.

The benefits of participating in activities that promote social inclusion are well documented. However, transporting wheelchair dependant residents can present a significant challenge to care providers.

Join us as we explore how Open Road Access (Powered by Proximo(ORA) supports care providers to enhance the lives of their residents. We will discuss how ORA’s flexible, accessible transport solutions are helping providers overcome the logistical barriers that often prevent residents from participating in activities outside the care setting.

David Dew-Veal, Director of Strategy and Innovation - Proximo Group