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19 - 20 March 2025

NEC Birmingham

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UK Care Week 2024 Agenda



Panel discussion: Can Artificial Intelligence care?

20 Mar 2024
Digital & Technology
Workforce training & development , Artificial Intelligence , Community wellbeing

Advancements in artificial intelligence are transforming numerous industries, including healthcare and social care. Some fear that AI threatens to replace the irreplaceable human touch in caregiving roles. However, this emerging technology also presents new opportunities to augment and enhance human carers’ roles.

Our expert panellists will explore leading research on implementing AI in assistive capacities rather than as a substitute for human judgement and emotional intelligence. They will discuss key questions such as how AI can be implemented ethically and effectively across the care sector to enhance the roles of professionals.

The goal is to provide a thought-provoking dialogue on harnessing technology to augment human skills and better serve service-user needs.

Chris Papadopoulos, Principal lecturer in public health - University of Bedfordshire
Helena Zaum, Director of Business Development - Sentinel Partners
Jack White, Founder - Health Automated
Laetita Tanqueray, PhD student in sociology of law of human-robot interaction - Lund University
Lee Trueman, Commercial Director - Health Automated