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20 - 21 March 2024

NEC Birmingham

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UK Care Week 2024 Agenda



Panel discussion: Technology for workforce wellbeing - Help or Hindrance?

21 Mar 2024
Workforce, Skills & Wellbeing
Workforce training & development , Data & digitisation , Staff wellbeing

The implementation of technology across the social care sector has accelerated in recent years with the aim of improving efficiency and supporting staff in their roles. However, what impact is this having on the wellbeing of care staff? This panel brings together experts from across the sector to explore the complex relationship between technology and wellbeing in care settings.

We will examine case studies of technologies like robotic assistants, monitoring systems, and care management platforms to analyse their positive and negative effects on factors such as staff stress, workload, and job satisfaction. Our panellists will look into how these technologies are being integrated in ways that enhance rather than diminish human connections in patient care.

The discussion will also look at the risks of increased digitisation in care environments and debate what role technology should play in the future landscape of the sector. Is it possible for innovations to successfully reduce the strain on staff? Or should the focus be redirected towards investment in staff numbers and enhanced workplace wellbeing initiatives? By hearing diverse perspectives, we hope to find opportunities and limitations for using technology to genuinely support care professionals.

Jack White - White's Training
Lee Trueman, Commercial Director - Health Automated
Marianne Mills, Director - 2M Training
Matthew Bond, CEO & Co-Founder - Borderless
Paula Cashmore, Founder - Achievable Care Quality Community