6 - 7 July 2022

NEC Birmingham

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Tech Enabled Care - Session Details


Tech Enabled Care - Session Details

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Technology Enabled Care for Social Care - A focus on falls

This session looks at the approach Telecare Cardiff (Cardiff Council) took when looking at the issue of falls in the community.  Telecare Cardiff has approximately 3,700 users signed up to their ‘Response Service’, whereby a Response Officer will attend their home in the event of an emergency alarm activation.  More people are falling frequently, so a strategy was launched to curb this, focusing on data to build a broader understanding of how, why and when people fall in their own homes.


Aaron Edwards, Implementation and Delivery Manager - Cardiff Council

How care homes can select digital technology to advance resident care

This sessions puts the focus on how the care home sector can select the right technology / tech partners to ensure (technology) digital solutions can be implemented effectively and most importantly advance resident care, visibility of residents and overall safety in the environment. We will look at the technological journey homes can take to improve safety, dignity and privacy for all residents.


Ed Tickler, Senior Sales Consultant - Scotland & Ian Binks, Business Development Manager – Global Clinical  Solutions - Ascom

Simple Dignified Tech for the Aged

Cognitive issues and health related challenges face us all in our 80’s and onwards, less sensitivity in the fingers, hearing & sight loss, research clearly say simple & dumbed down technology is not only needed but clinically proven in research in Japan & Australia.




Stephen A Minall, Director - Just So Care Ltd

The Digital Transformation of the Care Industry

Mike will discuss how the digital transformation of the social and health care industry has been developing in Finland and what similarities it has to the UK. Fastroi has years of experience in integrating their care management systems into the Finnish national patient register systems so that both systems can take advantage of a truly connected service with employees having access to the needed data. Mike will also present how a care management system can make improvements in care work.


Mike Richards, Sales Manager - Fastroi Ltd

Tech Enabled Care: How are you future proofing your estate and looking to attract and retain occupants?

A recent survey conducted by CommScope of more than 1,000 seniors aged 65+ in the UK—the vast majority of them not yet living in a senior care setting—revealed a strong preference for continuing and expanding their digital lives once they move to a senior living environment.



Nick Keegan, Enterprise Account Manager Smart Cities,  MDU and Large Public Venues - CommScope

Tech Enabled Care: Better Data | Better Outcomes

Data in care facilities is changing. Although many providers have begun to embrace the opportunities afforded by digital technology, many continue to rely on pen and paper. But the pandemic may have changed this forever. In this interactive session, Ketan Shah will discuss what CQC’s recent consultations could mean for the future of data in care, and how technological advances can result in better outcomes for everyone.



Ketan Shah, Founder - PredicAire

Critical Technologies for Care

An insightful session focusing on the importance of using technology within the social care sector, the benefits and challenges of choosing and implementing technology that works best for your team and service users and a sneaky peak of upcoming new trends.


Simon Bunegar, Sales and Marketing Director - Quality Compliance Systems (QCS)

Supporting personalised outcomes & independence through next generation TEC

Charlotte and Mary will explore how modern Technology Enabled Care can be more person centred than the traditional ‘button and a box’. Talking to commissioners about their experience and what they are looking to achieve, we hope to show you the benefits of technology that has been in use in Scandinavia to support people with Cognitive disabilities for over 20 years and how we are now starting to apply them here in the UK.


Charlotte Downing, National Account Manager & Mary Sievwright, Partner & Key Account Manager  - Abilia UK Ltd

Care View: an award-winning platform to tackle social isolation in our communities

Public Health teams, charities and Fire and Rescue Services have all used Careview to discover and support vulnerable residents, such as older people and newly arrived migrants within their local communities.

During the session we will illustrate how Care View works, its benefits for public health agencies and citizens, as well as share case studies from different deployment scenarios.


Giulia Rancati, Business Transformation Lead - Urban Sustainable Development LAB